About Cofenio


A true taste of your Heart, Cofenio café is where you find. Being together for years in the United Arab Emirates. We are the group of friends spend time searching for the place where we could find the taste of our hearts, to take sip of Coffee and glorious comfort food, but we couldn’t find a place. So we think of it and in 2017 COFENIO CAFÉ was born. Our menu adds sweet sip of Coffee, Freshness of Juice, salad, Bite of Burger, Super bowl of soup and the taste of Italy, No limits any time any taste. Being in cofenio café, you are the king, order the taste of your wish.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide our guests with the most authentic Arabic and Italian experience at COFENIO CAFÉ. We make sure that our guest leaves Happy.


Team of Cofenio


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